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A hawk’s eye, expert hands and a devilish attention to detail

Passed from generation to generation, these are the most important skills required to make a Sunseeker.

In an age of digital production and automated assembly, we stay committed to creating hand-built, hand-finished boats – for one simple reason.

There is no better way to craft such an exceptional product.

Inside and out, the extraordinary detail, finish and sheer artistry of our yachts can only be achieved by human qualities.

And, most importantly, no machine can ever give our boats such spirit, or take such pride in their creation – a vitality passed on to every owner.

Make it your signature


Your signature is truly unique.

No-one else has one quite the same. And so it should be with your very own Sunseeker.

Which is why we have our truly unique Bespoke service, offered for yachts 100ft and above. It offers you something truly unique. A blank sheet of paper for you to create a yacht personalised in any way you wish.

From floor plans to unique furnishings, your imagination and passion can be fully expressed. With some of Britain’s finest in-house interior designers at your side, you can choose materials, fabrics and finishes to reflect your unique desires and individuality.

To give your Sunseeker something no-one else can. Your signature.

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